Hey there! I'm Sean, and I write code.

Here's a little about me...

I'm a trained musician, turned one-man help desk, turned self-taught Web developer. I've been tinkering with gadgets in front of me to varying degrees for longer than I'll admit in public, and accidentally parlayed this into a profession shortly out of college, falling into IT support for a restaurant chain. After eventually getting burnt out on tech support, I slowly found myself moving toward just building fixes for things myself instead of strictly working around them, as I'd been doing on various SaaS platforms I worked with then. The bulk of my process for picking up new tools has generally been an ad-hoc, learn-as-you-go sort that's benefitted most from building things that someone (someone often being me haha) specifically wanted to use — tools to automate personal processes like data processing, fixes for people's pet annoyances, DIY projects for entertainment, and so on.

When I'm not writing code, I'm typically working out, chipping away at a Metroidvania, shouting from the Internet rooftops about the need for better standards, or toying with an experiment or five. Some previous endeavors have included wiring and automating my own RGB lighting, fixing up a DDR pad just so that I could avoid going running (this one got me to successfully solder something for the first time), and various CTF puzzles. (...ok, a few of those still involved writing code 😅)

Here are some projects I've built...

Here are some technologies I've worked with

A non-exhaustive list, loosely sorted by category:

* used on this site

Did I mention I also freelance?

Need a website built? Got a boring, repetitive task you want to automate? Maybe an esoteric data recovery need? Drop me a note and tell me about your project.

But don't take my word for it...

"Sean developed a solution to a unique data recovery problem requiring the sequential use of multiple tools, including custom-written ones. The data recovered was of immense personal value, and I greatly appreciate his skills and perseverance in coming up with an effective solution."

the data recovery client I built WildRose for

Last, but not least...

Check out my blog! I've been slowly collecting technical writeups and other such musings.